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Our intro to our Apple Motion Tutorial Series

I introduce our new series on Apple Motion

Hey guys Danny Rubio here and today I want to begin the first of many posts discussing Motion– a powerful motion graphic application built by Apple and why it’s a hidden gem in 2020.

I’ve been an Apple Motion since I got Final Cut. When I first got it, I used it on occasion to tweak some base templates here and there. Like many I felt it lacked when compared to After Effects. I was wrong I have found that Motion is an amazing motion graphics tool that allows me flexibility in creating custom titles, transitions, and animations.

The Goal

Over the coming weeks I will be teaching you how you can learn to use Motion even if you’re not a final cut user in your video productions.

You’ll learn:

  • Base understanding of the program
  • How to use the free assets already included
  • How to think in Behaviors
  • Replicators
  • Particles
  • Publishing to Final Cut
  • Publish for other NLE’s

My hope is to help you realize that this low-cost app is more powerful that you realize, and you can use it to up your production value.


  1. I just found this page and looking forward to jump in and learn Motion 5. I have bought a few books on the subject but they are seriously out of date as they had been published in 2011-2012. The lesson DVD’s they were supposed to come with were either non-existent or wiped clean. My question to you is, is this tutorial up to date meaning published within the last 18 months to a year? Everything tutorial on YouTube is partial or vague and nothing in-depth. I want to learn the right way. I hope to hear from you soon, Thanks

    • Yes, I created the video this year. Luckily motion has been stable over the past 3 years with only a few new additions so stuff from that book would get you a lot of the basic. Let me know if there is anything specific, you’d like to learn.

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