My Quick and Easy Home Video Setup

As a video producer at University in Utah in a department that specializes in helping faculty with online and hybrid courses, it’s safe to say, I’ve been busy. Which is why it’s important to have a quick and easy video setup.Here is my home setup.

Quick Note

  • Setup Time: 7 Minutes
  • Space Needed: Small to Medium
  • Equipment: Camera, light, audio, audio stand, tripod.

My Setup

For my personal videos I use a Panasonic Gh5 as my main camera. Sometimes I’ll use my Gh4 just because it’s usually ready to go. For work I’m usually rocking the Nikon z6. Both cameras are fantastic but I’ve found that because the Gh5 has a flip out screen and even the ability to remote monitor it with an app I can get setup up by myself much easier than with the z6.

For audio I’ve got an Azden SMX-250cx microphone and for work a Azden SGM-250. Both have been got the job done the SGM-250 does take a battery which is bothersome at times because I’ll forget to turn it off and then it’ll cut out in a shoot because I forget to replace the battery.

For the Gh5 I have the xls adapter which is a must if you have a Gh5, S1, S1h because it’s just so good. The Nikon doesn’t have an xlr adapter so I use a zoom f1 field recorder or a zoom h6.

I prefer booming the shotgun microphones because I can leave the studio up in case I need to record some more videos or have multiple people come stand in and we are ready to go.

Godox SL60w is a great light for the buck. If you’ve had some Home Depot clamp lights and looking for something to upgrade this is great a choice.

I then I have a boom microphone stand and a Gitzo tripod.

The Key Tool

This setup is great but the best part about it is the Parrot Prompter. It’s small light and portable. It has step-up ring so you can mount it on any lens or camera. if you want to use it on a phone you do you have to get a special case but honestly it’s the best $100 I’ve ever spent on my gear.

It allows you cut down your shooting time in half if not more because you just have to write your script and load it up. Then you’re good to go.

I plan on doing a better review of this piece of gear in the coming weeks.


To get a good easy and quick home studio. You need a good light source. A consistent setup and a little pre-production.

Let me know what you do for your home studio.

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