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Lumix releases over 20 GH5 academy videos

Today Lumix released over twenty videos training people on settings of their 3-year-old micro-43rd flagship the gh5. Great for inexperienced users and already seasoned owners who want to pick up a new trick.

As a gh5 owner myself it is odd to see Lumix release gh5 acadmey videos when we were expecting a gh6 announcement sometime this year. However, with the slew of full-frame camera madness and the fact that the gh5 is honestly still a workhorse of a camera. I wonder if they are releasing these now to help individuals who might be picking up the gh5 as their first pro camera as many are moving to a full-frame options.

What You’ll Find

There are thirty videos in this playlist that range from custom autofocus to how to sue post focus and focus stacking. As a seasoned gh5 user I found several little nuggets that I think are useful.

Most notable for me are:

  • How to use 6k 4k rolling shutter correction
  • How to use vlog L view assist
  • Folder settings

I’d love to know if you’re picking up a used gh5 as many are beginning to sell them to move to a new camera?

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