EOS R Multi-Function Bar

Ah, the multifunction bar. Most online reviewers seem to hate it, but I have seen quite a few photographers who have also embraced it.

I personally don’t have the hatred for it, but I have also set it up in a way that accidental touches won’t generally affect my work.

Mine is set up that a tap on the left side puts my white balance to daylight and a tap on the right puts the white balance to tungsten. I find this handy in situations where I might be shooting outside in the sun and then move to an inside room with Tungsten lighting. If I accidentally hit the wrong white balance though, this is easily corrected in Lightroom.

I have the swipe feature set to toggle between face tracking mode and single point AF mode. I disabled all other af modes as these are the two I use mostly and it makes it only a quick swipe to the left or right to quickly get to the opposite mode I’m in.

I think the bar was an interesting move to try and innovate, but it looks like because of the negative feedback, this feature might not make it to future R models.

Shawn Kemple
Shawn Kemple
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