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My Reel Chums Podcast gear

You might not know this but I run a movie podcast called Reel Chums. I’d love it if you could check it out, but this post and video is me sharing the podcast equipment we use to make it happen.…

Blackmagic Editor’s Keyboard Review

The Blackmagic Resolve Editor’s Keyboard is a compact, ergonomic keyboard designed specifically for use with DaVinci Resolve. It features dedicated keys for frequently used commands and shortcuts, allowing faster and more efficient editing. The keys are labeled with color-coded symbols,…

Three great final cut pro plugins for creators

I have been highly requested by people on the YouTube channel to share some of the plugins I use to create the videos. In this post I'll share what I'm using and where you can find other great plugins to help you make your videos faster and even a little more polished

Lumix releases over 20 GH5 academy videos

grayscale photo of DSLR camera on sand

Today Lumix released over twenty videos training people on settings of their 3-year-old micro-43rd flagship the gh5. Great for inexperienced users and already seasoned owners who want to pick up a new trick.

Canon did it. They finally did it.

What’s up everybody? Yesterday, Canon dropped the bomb finally with all the specs and details on the R5 that was announced earlier this year. The thing that has had everyone talking the last 6 months has been 8k video. This…